Sep 20

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Oct 08

Crowdcast Episode 93 – The tale of Kitten


Gin, Nic and Walt get together again to discuss the news that has rocked the gaming world this time around.

This is followed by the usual games we’ve been playing section, a heartfelt request for feedback from Gin, a discussion topic from Nic and the tale of Kitten McMewleypants….

Want to know what I’m talking about?  Then listen to the slap a bitch on this show.

As always, thanks for listening and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Sep 20

Crowdcast Episode 92 – The Minecraft Discussion show


Gin, Nic Walt and Beranmee get together for Episode 92 of the Crowdcast and it’s a packed show, there’s the news, games we’ve been playing, a discussion topic and even a slap a bitch! Even more amazing, Gin has gotten the show down to under 1hr 45 mins! (I’d love to say I don’t know how he does it, but I did it and I have no idea how)

Games discussed include Minecraft (Obviously), Destiny, Zen Pinball, The Walking Dead, Velocity 2x, Don’t Starve, Plants Vs Zombies and a few others but I don’t want to bore you with the list.

Then there’s the big discussion topic around Minecraft and the Microsoft buyout, finally, Gin rounds off the show with a Slap a bitch. . . He slaps Sony????? Want to know why? Guess you’ll have to listen to the show.

As always if you want to get in touch with us you can reach us with our information at the end of the show, if I could ask a favour though, could some of you get in touch via the PSN at PS_Crowd ? It would just be nice to get a message on that account if I’m honest :)

Thanks for listening and remember, if you have anything that you would like to see improved about the show, you have to let us know, sadly my long-distance-mind-reading-device is apparently on the blink.

Sep 11

Crowdcast Episode 91 – The Return of the Jackal


First things first, apologies for the late upload, I’m sorry to say that real life got in the way, but we’re back and we’re here so let’s get on with the show.

Gin, Nic and Walt are joined by Indie game dev Al Evans from Laughing Jackal, Al comes on to discuss the new game that the guys over at LJ are working on “Flame Over” For those of you that have heard Al’s dulcet tones on the show before, Flame Over is in fact the Mystery game that he was talking about oh so long ago.

There’s the usual smattering of news before we get down to the show proper, not so much of the games we’ve been playing as we had a few listener questions to throw at Al and the show was already running a bit long by then.

As always if you want to get in touch, the ways to contact us are at the end of the show, Al also throws in the ways in which to find out more about Flame Over among other bits and pieces.


Aug 25

Crowdcast Episode 90 – 10 million!… But… Why?

Gin, Walt and Nic get together to discuss the latest news around the gaming world, this includes all the usual gubbins you would expect.


games discussed include; the last of us, road not taken, rogue legacy, metrico, proteus, fez and various others.


the show is rounded off with a confession from Gin.


as always, if you would like to reach us, you can do so by listening to the end of the show to get our contact information or you can just comment on this post.



Aug 14

Crowdcast Episode 89 – The birth of the Multislap


Gin, Nic Walt and Beranmee get together to discuss the latest news and games they’ve been playing.

Games discussed include; The Last of Us Remastered, Road Not Taken, Rogue Legacy, Fez, Metrico, Paper Mario Sticker Star and various others.

The guys then continue with a discussion topic regarding remakes in the gaming world and the show is rounded off nicely with a Slap a Bitch that evolves into a Multi-Slap.

We cover a hell of a lot in this show and there may be some confusion, please feel free to get in touch if you have anything you would like to add or contribute to the show, you can reach us via the comments section below or on Twitter which is overseen by Beranmee or via the various other methods mentioned at the end of the show.

Once again, Thanks for listening.

Jul 26

Crowdcast Episode 88 – Prepare for your Destiny


Gin, Nic, Walt and Beranmee get together to discuss some news and then the games they’ve been playing.

Games discussed include the Destiny beta, Guacamelee (PS4 this time), Resogun Heroes, DLC Quest, Strider, Towerfall Ascension, NBA Jam (Android) Minecraft a few others.

Various comments are made regarding the whole “no women in Assassin’s Creed” misstep by Ubisoft and the show is rounded off with the guys having a laugh and a joke.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have anything you would like to add or contribute to the show, you can reach us via the comments section below or on Twitter which is overseen by Beranmee or via the various other methods mentioned at the end of the show.

Once again, Thanks for listening.

Jul 20

The Crowdcast hiatus – an explanation

Hello dear listeners,

You may have come here expecting to listen to the next show and are now filling with rage at its absence in the only way an Internet user can.

Allow me to explain why the show is not currently available, on this show we strive to bring you our opinions on games we’ve been playing among other things, well rather than going over games we’ve already been talking about for months we wanted to give you some fresh content, the usual recording date for the show this week coincided with the beta for a little game called Destiny and thanks to some good planning by Bungie regarding psn codes and some forward thinking by Beranmee, we have all had a chance to give it a go, even better we seem to have some differing opinions on the rpg shooter too.

With this in mind the next show will be recorded on this coming Thursday (24th of July) and will be available for your listening pleasure or pain that weekend.

But we would also like to hear your opinions, did you play the beta? If not any reason why not?  If you did, is this game going to be as good as the hype?

One again, apologies for the lack of show this week, but know that it is missing for your benefit.

Thank you for your continued patience (both with the outages and with us in general)

The Crowdcast Team

Jul 09

Crowdcast Episode 87 – First World Problems


Gin, Nic and Walt get together to discuss the news and events of their personal gaming worlds,

Games discussed on this show include; Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Watch Dogs, Resogun Heroes, Papers Please, Game Dev Tycoon, Rocket League and a few others, the show is rounded off by a very quick discussion topic that is so short it almost warrants a one word answer.

There’s been a definite dip in feedback once again so I urge you to get in touch if you have anything you would like to add or contribute you can reach us via the comments section below or on Twitter which is now being overseen by Beranmee or via the various other methods mentioned at the end of the show.

Jun 24

Watch Dogs (PS4) Review


I am, once again, a bit late to the party with this review, but bear with me.

So Watch Dogs on the PS4, is it any good? It’s a bit of a split opinion across the board, some people love it others hate it, it is, in short, the Marmite of this current generation.

From a personal perspective, I actually quite like the game, read on to find out why.


With any form of open world game there has to be a good story to keep it going, the Story in Watch_Dogs is no exception, the story revolves around hacker extraordinaire Aiden Pearce, as the story starts he was doing some digital money grabbing in a hotel when things go a little bit pear shaped, this leads to a hit being put out on his life, as a would-be assassin attempts to take him out, a mistake is made and Aiden’s niece is the one taking the dirt nap, needless to say Aiden is a more than a little bit put out by this turn of events and vows to track down the person that put the contract on his life and make them pay.

There’s a bit of a moral issue at play here, Aiden is by no means squeaky clean in this venture, some could even say he is indirectly responsible for the death of his niece, but this game is going to try and tell you that two wrongs can indeed make a right (or at least a good enough).

Along the way Aiden is aided by other hackers, gang members, software engineers, hitmen and just about anyone else with a seedy background history in an effort to take down Mr or Mrs Big.

WD_FacialWhat makes this game different from say, the Grand Theft Auto series is the hacking element, at any point during the game Aiden can whip out his mobile phone and at the push of a button he can see information about the people he is looking at, he can hack their bank accounts, he can control traffic lights or he can even force gas pipes in the road explode. Not only that, but he can even do this from a distance using the security cameras in the area as a glorified telescope.



When you first start playing this game, you would be forgiven for thinking that you are playing some other open world crime-influenced game, but there are some changes, vehicles in this game seem to be more arcade handling than simulation, which personally feels quite refreshing, the cars are all fairly reliable and handle well at speed, bikes are just as nice and everything feels quite intuitive, however, there are a few issues in general when using a vehicle, firstly, while driving you cannot shoot a weapon, this is clearly done to highlight the hacking options available, you WD_Hackinghave a car behind you? Not to worry, hack the traffic lights and get them involved in a traffic accident, tailing a car in front of you? No problem, just raise the crash barriers up ahead and watch them try and flip their car over. This is all fun and everything but there are times where the option to shoot out of the window and pop a tyre (or a head) would be a welcome addition. Secondly there are points where you may be getting tailed by a helicopter, assuming you can’t get to a tunnel or under a bridge to get out of the line of sight, you can hack the onboard systems and put the chopper out of action for a short time, but the problem here is that you often can’t get the camera high enough to see the chopper, this means stopping, getting out of the car, aiming your phone, hacking and then getting back in and driving away, a lot of times this is not only impractical but impossible since stopping the car would mean getting hit, shot, blown up by the cops or thugs that are doing their best to take you out.

WD_CarSmokeThe walking around and hacking is good fun, personally I could spend hours just reading comments between these fictitious people much like the computer hacking in Deus Ex, some of the conversations and texts are thrown in for comic relief, other times hacking a phone may lead to a hidden item cache or a gang hideout for you to clear.

And this is where the real meat of the game lies, there are lots of side missions and mini games to keep you entertained, these range from races and chess, to drinking games and driving a spider tank.

Another thing I should add is that at times this game reminded me a lot of Far Cry 3, those times being with a couple of missions, firstly entering a new area of the city means that you do not have access to the CTOS system, your facial recognition will not work, hacking phones is not possible etc, this means getting to a CTOS tower and getting direct access to that node, this in itself was very reminiscent of FC3 with only slightly less climbing required. Gang hideouts are also similar to FC3, there are a number of gang members in an area, you need them less than alive, go in and kill or maim to your hearts’ content.  However, there are a number of targets you can’t kill, you have to take them out with a beating instead (this just means getting close and pressing a button), watch out for some guards who can call in reinforcements and others who will throw grenades at you but generally the gang missions end the same way, enemies out of commission, you driving away at speed.


The voice acting is actually pretty good in this game and the majority of sound effects are as you would expect, my only gripe here is with the selection of music available throughout the game, music itself takes the form of an MP3 app on your phone and this is where the game detracts a little bit from other open world games, there are no radio stations to choose from, just a handful of songs that you can play through. This also means that at times certain parts of the audio (such as news reports which do come through the car radio) get drowned out by the music, I can honestly say I tend to leave the music off because of this fact, well, that and because it’s not really my taste in music.


And here is where the game falls a bit flat, the multiplayer in Watch_Dogs feels very tacked on, there is the online WD_Steampiperacing which works as you would expect, then there is free roam, this was actually a big disappointment, free roam is one of the only modes where you can play online with friends and there is NOTHING to do, you can get in trouble with the cops and hack phones for money but that’s it, there are no random crimes, no hideouts, and generally speaking this makes for a very dull online experience. Also falling into the multiplayer trap is the online decryption mode, essentially a phone is dropped, it holds secrets, you and your opponents want those secrets but the phone is encrypted. In order to get at the information you have to hold onto the phone while the decryption process takes place, if you are shot, you drop the phone and the player to pick it up carries on from where you left off. This in itself seems fine, but the phone can also be stolen from you by somebody standing near you (Not touching, not hitting, just close by) this firstly breaks any immersion as they are somehow getting access to a physical object just by walking around, are they using the Force or something? WHERE ARE MY JEDI POWERS? Secondly, as is the case with a lot of objective-based multiplayer games, the objective goes out the window and it degenerates into a rather poor deathmatch.

That being said, there are some online features that actually make this game really enjoyable, they are the tailing and hacking modes, in a nutshell you jump into another players’ game and your job is to screw them over, If you get spotted, you have to escape, you are not allowed to kill the person you are tailing/hacking, they are not hampered in this manner however so stealth is the name of the game, I can honestly say some of my more tense and enjoyable experiences with this game have come from attempting to hack another player and watching them run around with only a few seconds left, the reverse is also true, trying to find someone who clearly doesn’t want to be found can be a very difficult time but the game is more enjoyable for it.


The lack of a solid multiplayer experience with friends was a definite shame, the lack of radio stations in the cars also felt like a missed opportunity, however a solid single player experience and some other nice online features make this game a must play, I’m not saying you’ll love it, I’m not saying you’ll hate it as it comes down to personal taste, what I am saying is that personally I’ve had a great time with this title, there are some small glitches that may pop up from time to time but nothing game-breaking, or at least, I’ve not found any game-breaking bugs yet. This game is as I mentioned before, the best digital representation of Marmite I’ve seen this generation.


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