Sep 11

Crowdcast Episode 91 – The Return of the Jackal

First things first, apologies for the late upload, I’m sorry to say that real life got in the way, but we’re back and we’re here so let’s get on with the show. Gin, Nic and Walt are joined by Indie game dev Al Evans from Laughing Jackal, Al comes on to discuss the new game …

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Aug 25

Crowdcast Episode 90 – 10 million!… But… Why?

Gin, Walt and Nic get together to discuss the latest news around the gaming world, this includes all the usual gubbins you would expect.   games discussed include; the last of us, road not taken, rogue legacy, metrico, proteus, fez and various others.   the show is rounded off with a confession from Gin.   …

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Aug 14

Crowdcast Episode 89 – The birth of the Multislap

Gin, Nic Walt and Beranmee get together to discuss the latest news and games they’ve been playing. Games discussed include; The Last of Us Remastered, Road Not Taken, Rogue Legacy, Fez, Metrico, Paper Mario Sticker Star and various others. The guys then continue with a discussion topic regarding remakes in the gaming world and the …

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Jul 26

Crowdcast Episode 88 – Prepare for your Destiny

Gin, Nic, Walt and Beranmee get together to discuss some news and then the games they’ve been playing. Games discussed include the Destiny beta, Guacamelee (PS4 this time), Resogun Heroes, DLC Quest, Strider, Towerfall Ascension, NBA Jam (Android) Minecraft a few others. Various comments are made regarding the whole “no women in Assassin’s Creed” misstep …

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Jul 20

The Crowdcast hiatus – an explanation

Hello dear listeners, You may have come here expecting to listen to the next show and are now filling with rage at its absence in the only way an Internet user can. Allow me to explain why the show is not currently available, on this show we strive to bring you our opinions on games …

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Jul 09

Crowdcast Episode 87 – First World Problems

Gin, Nic and Walt get together to discuss the news and events of their personal gaming worlds, Games discussed on this show include; Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Watch Dogs, Resogun Heroes, Papers Please, Game Dev Tycoon, Rocket League and a few others, the show is rounded off by …

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Jun 24

Watch Dogs (PS4) Review

I am, once again, a bit late to the party with this review, but bear with me. So Watch Dogs on the PS4, is it any good? It’s a bit of a split opinion across the board, some people love it others hate it, it is, in short, the Marmite of this current generation. From …

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Jun 24

Crowdcast Episode 86 – The show that almost didn’t happen

Gin, Nic, Walt and Beranmee get together to discuss the latest news and gaming tales. The show starts out with the usual news segment and moves on to our thoughts from E3 before moving on to the Games we’ve been playing. Games discussed include Watch_Dogs, Lone Survivor, Battlefield Hardline, Destiny, Skylanders Swapforce and various others. …

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Jun 10

Crowdcast Episode 85 – Not an E3 Show

Gin, Nic, Walt and Beranmee get together to discuss the latest news and the games they’ve been playing. We round things off nicely with an email and castcomment, Games discussed include Blacklight, War Thunder, Resogun, Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, The PS+ games and many others, the video games into movies topic rears its head once more …

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Jun 08

Worms: Battlegrounds (PS4) Review

So worms is back and this time on the PS4, but before we get into that, let’s have a bit of back story. I’ve been a huge fan of Worms since its original release on the Amiga in 1995, over the years the gameplay has evolved and the graphics have improved, but at its core, …

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