Sep 20

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Nov 14

Crowdcast Episode 121 – Back to basics


Gin, Nic and Walt get back to basics, no drop ins (well, aside from one slap) Gin even left out the intro music (totally on purpose), opting instead to just keep the outro at the tail of the show and the guys just get on with the good old talking about games that they used to do.

We do still cover the news, we cover the games we’ve been playing, Gin mentions a couple of interesting PSN messages he got in the last 2 weeks and they have a good old time of it.

Games discussed include; Fallout 4, Dying Light, Minecraft Story Mode, Lots more Binding of Isaac, Dragon Fin Soup, Flame Over, Magicka 2, Rocket League Mutators, Indivisible Prototype, Helldivers, Apotheon, Oreshika  and a few others for good measure.

So, do you prefer with the drop-ins? Or without? . . . TOO LATE YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!!!!

Nah, just kidding, but I really do want to know which you prefer, get in touch and let us know (please)


Nov 03

Crowdcast Episode 120 – The birth of Pigeon-Monkey!


So Gin, Nic and Walt get back together, now, the last show was a slow news show, this time around we have a slow games we’ve been playing show.

What does that mean for you dear listener? Well it means more news (ideal since this was recorded during the Paris Games Week)

We then have a discussion topic or 2, one of which does really require some listener feedback (YAY Audience Participation).

We round off with a new rant from Gin resulting in a couple of slaps being delivered.


And as always, thanks for listening, and please let your friends know about us (especially if you don’t like them anymore)



Oct 19

Crowdcast Episode 119 – Slow news week


It’s a slow news week, Gin, Nic and Walt get together to discuss a small amount of news and then go on to discuss the games they’ve been playing.

Games discussed include; Unmechanical Extended, Ziggurat, Super Meat Boy, Kung Fu Rabbit, Hatoful Boyfriend, Revenge of the Battle Cars, Rock Band 4, Heroes of Loot, Star Wars Battlefront beta, Chariot, Kick Beat, Jackbox Party Pack 2, QUBE and many others.

The PS4 Crowdcast Community has had a few members now and we’ve got a couple of discussion topics lined up from listener input, if you’re on the PS4, look up either Gincairn or NicolajNN, head to communities and find the Crowdcast community, join in and perhaps give us some ideas for future shows.

As always, Thanks for listening


Oct 03

Crowdcast Episode 118 – Unlocking the secrets of the universe


Gin, Walt and Nic are back once again with a very brief news segment followed by some games they’ve been playing, including MGS V, Diablo 3, Binding of Isaac, Killzone Mercs, Foul Play, Terraria, Rain Six Siege, Hardware Rivals and a few others.

Later on we find out just what Gin would do with a flying car, why we should be searching for Oompa Loompas and a whole host of other random stuff and believe it or not, we actually talk about the odd game or two.

As mentioned in the show, there is now a Crowdcast Community on the Playstation 4, so if you want to get in touch but never seem able to send that email, you can join us on there, feedback
and suggestions for discussions or hell even random questions are welcome.

Thanks again.


(Wonder if anyone actually reads this stuff?)



Sep 26

Crowdcast Episode 117 – Metal (CENSORED) Infinity 3.0


Hi there, we’re still around promise, it’s been a bit of a hectic time here for the last couple of weeks which has made it difficult to get around to the editing and such, if you’re wondering why the hectic times, I believe I mention it right near the start of the show. . .

So, Gin Nic and Walt get back together again to discuss the games they’ve been playing for the last couple of weeks, the games discussed include; Metal Gear Solid 5, Disney Infinity 3.0, Killzone Mercenary, Binding of Isaac, Foul Play, Kitten Squad, Xeodrifter, Teslagrad and possibly a few others.

The show is rounded off with a quick discussion around the banned and censored games around the world.

As always, thanks for listening, if you wish to contribute to the show please feel free to get in touch, also, when the new update launches, look out for the Crowdcast Community on the PS4.



Sep 10

Crowdcast Episode 116 – Another 2 Man show!


So, Gin and Nic are the only two guys around for this show, not to worry though, there is still a fair amount of content and after the news, the guys go on to discuss the following games;Grow Home, Teslagrad, Dishonored, Super Time Force ultra, Xenodrifter, Lara Croft Temple of Osiris, DriveClub and a few others.

After the games are discussed they go on to discuss some older games and titles that have been considered as a possible purchase from the PSN store and the relief found from ermmm not purchasing them.


Aug 26

Crowdcast Episode 115 – I D. . . I dun. . . I Dun’t Lyke et!


Gin, Nic and Beranmee are back once more to discuss the bits and pieces from around the world of gaming.

After the news there is a small discussion on people who stream themselves through the PlayRoom and then the guys move on to the games they’ve been playing.

Games discussed this time around include, Goat Simulator, Kung Fury, Diablo 3, The Escapists, Geometry Wars 3, Fallout Shelter, Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4, Stealth Inc 2, Castlestorm and a few other odds and ends thrown in for good measure.

As always, thanks for listening and please feel free to get in touch with any comments or suggestions.


Aug 11

Crowdcast Episode 114 – The Twitch Bitch



Gin, Nic, Walt and Beranmee get back together to discuss the news and games they’ve been playing, there is some discussion regarding the revelation of working conditions at Konami and the potential sour grapes from Microsoft as seen by Gin.

Games discussed include; Rare REplay, Drawful, Quiplash, Killer Instinct (With the Battletoads Character Rash) Olli Olli 2, Switch Galaxy, Evil Apples (IOS and Android) and a whole host of others.

In a pure “first world problems” moment you can also hear what happened to Gin when he upgraded his PS4 hard drive.

Y’know, since it’s me that writes these posts, it’s a real pain in the ass referring to myself in the 3rd person, do you guys hate it as much as I (errrr I mean Gin) does?

Anyway, as always thanks for listening, if you feel that way inclined you can also find me occasionally on twitch (as Gincairn naturally), a few nights I’ll be streaming games like Quiplash and the Jackbox Party pack, which means you can join in for free! All you need is your mobile phone, tablet or PC and some other way of watching the stream, hope to see you there.



Jul 31

Crowdcast Episode 113 – A sad way to begin


Gin, Nic and Walt get together to cover the latest news and. . . . NO!

I can’t start the blurb like that, I have to start by saying sorry, this show is late, very late, like 3 days late and all I have as an excuse is that real life got in the way again, and for the most part that’s true, it’s also in part because I’ve been lazy, we’ve had power cuts here which forced me to do the same damn edit 3 times, I’ve been leaving work late, I’ve been lazy, I’ve been tired and finally I’ve been lazy.

I’d love to say it won’t happen again, but we all know that’s probably not the case, all I can say is that I’ll try not to be so slow at uploading in future.

With that in mind, the games discussed in this show include Rocket League, Styx, Diablo 3, Journey (PS4 edition), Minecraft (Vita edition), Life is Strange, Geometry Wars (Vita) and a few others thrown in for good measure.

As always, thanks for listening, and any feedback is appreciated.


Jul 14

Crowdcast Episode 112 – Gaming, with a teeny amount of politics


Gin, Nic, Walt and Beranmee get together again to return to the usual format, we start off with some news, a few stories about people who seem to stupid to be true and then the show moves on to games we’ve been playing.

Games discussed include;

Batman Arkham Knight, Rocket League, Lego Jurassic World, Elder Scrolls Online, Super Mega baseball, Bastion, J-Stars Victory Vs+, Mousecraft, Entwined and many more.

Gin also mentions the new android game Hatfall by Zero Punctuations Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

As always, thanks for listening.


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