Feb 18

CrowdCast Episode 27 – Are the Americans taking over?

No Local this evening, instead Gin and Walt are joined by Rob and guests from the Get off my Lawn cast Sean and Jen.

The group get together to discuss various games including Skyrim, BF3 (take a shot), Saint’s Row the Third, some Vita news and various others, during the show they also move on to discuss movies and Gin has a minor rant about fetch-quests in MMORPGs

If you want to get in touch or have been affected by anything during this show, you can reach us by email (podcast@playstationcrowd.com) you can catch up on our Twitter feed @PSCrowd or you can also reach us on the Playstation 3 by sending messages to PS_Crowd

As always the Outro Music is “Home Base Groove” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

1 comment

  1. Billy Holland

    Can we address the elephant in the room.. can we..?

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