Jan 08

Crowdcast Episode 75 – 2014 Another year gone and a look back

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Gin, Nic, Walt and Beranmee get together to wish everyone a happy new year.

That said with a new year coming, it’s time to look back, now we know we all did a show a while ago about our top games of the last generation, but this time it’s a look at our top games of 2013, originally it was due to be a top 5 per person but some of us got a bit greedy (myself included).

If I included the usual games discussed section here it would kind of ruin the whole point to this show, so I’ll just have to ask that you listen.

If you have any comments or agree/disagree with anything said then by all means contact us either by email or over the PSN.

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  1. Dan (Fenra)

    Can’t have you guys moaning we never contact you can we now đŸ™‚

    A) Great show enjoy it stealth listened for about 2 months thought it was time to say thanks for the entertainment good listening. More importantly ideal when out food shopping and don’t want to interact with any of the morons you keep ramming out the way with your trolly. seriously those old ladies fall over way to easily, and I really don’t want to talk to the check out person, I don’t care how your doing and how my week end is going is none of your fucking business.

    B) I am trying to think of some of the great opening game moments but for the life of me can’t remember where I left my shoes last night let alone the opening sequence of a game I played 4 years ago, but here it goes.

    Thank you youtube

    In no particular order

    1: Deadspace ( they nailed it as an opening sequence to a sci-fi game, pity Dead-space done properly what colonial marines completely failed at a convincingly frightening sci-fi game with monsters and an interesting story
    2: Drakes series all three games worthy contenders but plumping for UC3 reason being it is pitched so perfectly, timing of the opening fight sequence exquisite, so confident with its humor. Draws you into the game effortlessly.
    3: Ratchet and Clank TOD first time I really was left speechless from an opening sequence. Then I fully understood the difference between PS2 and PS3 in terms of game graphics power I turned to my wife and said fuck me were playing a pixar game.
    4: BioShock what can I say from thriller and suspense as you survive the crash, to wonder at the sight of Rapture on the ride down. Then outright horror when you arrive at your final destination all delivered in 90 seconds that is a true genius of an intro
    5: not sure yet if I think of something I’ll add it I will only end with Armour Core 4 and only as a warning that a great intro can hide a dog awful game sometimes.

    Anyway that’s enough from me. stop saying you never get any feedback ever as of 25th January 2014 you have had one bit for this this year already. 2014 looking up eh LOL

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