Feb 01

Crowdcast Episode 77 – Improved by feedback


Gin, Nic and Walt get together to discuss the current news surrounding the world of Playstation,

The guys move on to what they’ve been playing. . . AFTER READING EMAIL! Yes you read that right, after 76 episodes recorded the guys actually have a show where more than one email has been received and to inflate our egos just that little bit more, there was also a couple of tweets thrown in for good measure!

Games discussed include; Ninja Gaiden 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, OlliOlli, Killzone, Resogun, Don’t Starve and more.

This show also is a dry run for some new segways between sections and a more personal outro, finally as if that wasn’t enough, at the very end of the episode Gin throws in an out-take from the Crowdcast to round out the show.

So what do you guys, the listeners, think?

Do you like the segways? How would you change them (if you would want to), remember, we can only improve with your help and as always if you have any comments or agree/disagree with anything said then by all means contact us either by email or over the PSN.

The only thing I would ask, is that if there is any criticism, please keep it constructive “I don’t like it cos. . . Reasons!” won’t get any of us anywhere.

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  1. Dan Andrews

    Like the new bits they work well. Another great effort very easy to listen to and fun. Looking forward to hearing the teams thoughts on.

    After nearly 3 months with our new PS4’s do we feel there is a decided lack of titles right now. Seriously liking Warframe right now. However you will struggle to need more then one hand to count the big games on the PS4 at this point in time. Frustration is starting to creep in for me, do you guys feel the same?

    What is the game everyone is most looking forward to between now and the summer?

    Can Alien Isolation repair the damage That Colonial marines (probably the one game that had me googling plane ticket prices so I can visit the game makers and beat them with a lead pipe until they promise to never make a game again ever) done to the franchise?

    Now SONY has proved that all games are temporary by closing multiple game servers e.g MAG, SOCOM, GT5 to name a few. What PS game has consumed the most time for you guys. for me MAG took an insane 650 hours off me. But I loved every minute of it.

    Also maybe add a section for upcoming releases. personally I listen to podcasts for the laughs and banter primarily but also for some news and points of view.

    A section about upcoming releases dates for new games would be handy and provide a useful springboard for additional discussions.

    maybe consider moving user feedback to the end of the podcast as it would tie in perfectly with the outro giving contact details and requesting feedback.

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