Mar 31

Crowdcast Show. . . an update


Hey Guys and Gals,

It’s time for a bit of an apology, Episode 81 of the Crowdcast was recorded on Thursday 27th March and due to time constraints I had not been able to start the editing process until today (31st March) however, when I loaded up my trusty audio editing software and started to open the recorded audio file, nothing happened. . .

After a few short moments I went into the file directory to try and play the raw audio and found that it was sitting there in the folder without a care in the world, but also with a file size of 0 bytes. . .


It appears that while the recording software showed nothing was wrong on the night, the audio itself was either not recorded at all, or the file had become corrupted.

I know we’ve had our share of technical difficulties in the past and in one other case a whole show has gone missing (the infamous “Why the fuck did I buy that?” episode) and believe me when I say nothing is more frustrating than losing that work, not only for myself -where I am narcissistic enough to occasionally enjoy the sound of my own voice- but for Walt and Nic as well, we do this show because we enjoy it, we like talking about what we’ve been playing, discussing the gaming news and how it could effect us, what bitch deserves a slap and any discussion topics we can throw together, that you guys listen to it and seemingly enjoy it too is a bonus for us, because it gives us the incentive to carry on with the show, to come up with content that we feel you may like and make any changes for the better that you guys suggest.

All I can do is say I’m sorry, Episode 81 is now lost for good (at least until the next episode 81 I guess) I would love to say that it won’t happen again but these things always tend to happen in 3’s and I don’t want to tempt fate.

If it’s any consolation, here is the news we discussed on that night. . .

Infamous raises PS4 sales by 106%
Infamous and MGS GZ top UK sales charts
Project Morpheus
PS4 firmware coming soon
Vita Firmware update live
Last of us coming to PS4?
EU PS+ Titles leaked again?

The rest of the show was what we had been playing recently including FFX/X2 HD (Vita), Infamous, Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, Luftrausers and Titanfall.

The show was originally rounded off with a Bitch (or in this case Bitches) that needed a slap, but we may bring that one back for another show so I won’t spoil it here.

Sorry once again, hopefully it will be a long time coming before we have another problem like this and thank you for your continued listenership.







Seriously Gin? Listenership? What kind of a word is that?

It’s not the best word for it but what else could I come up with? Fans or Fandom seems a bit too strong.

But listenership? That’s not even a real word! You made it up on the fly for this apology!

True, but. . . 

No Buts! You made it up because you didn’t want to try and find a better word to use!

Well, “custom” wouldn’t have worked, they’ve listeners, not customers, we don’t get paid anything for this, so that wouldn’t be right, “viewers” is obviously wrong since we’re an audio show, unless someone listens while watching the whole thing play out as a visualisation on Media Player, so what would you have come up with?

Ermm. . . I er. . . would have. . . 

Exactly! you know what voice-in-my-head? You can just fuck off!

Errr. . . Ye. . yeah. . . 


If you read down this far, I dare you to prove it by posting a comment. . .and thank you.


  1. BritishBeefUK

    Hi guys. Really enjoy listening to the show. Was introduced to the Crowdcast via a post on Old & Rubbish and have probably listened to the last 10 or so shows. I have to say however that Episode 81 is the best yet! 😉

  2. Flat7


    Not a real problem, however I will need to conference call you all in when I have my long drive up the motorway.

  3. André Vivian

    Gutted, but it gives me a chance to catch up with the last show 😉

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